Event Horizon

Not Cataclysm
First Post!

I found this wiki while out surfing around and thought it would be a cool place to centralize information about my campaign. I’ve invited most of the folks playing at the moment. I’m going to spend atleast some time on this as I get the chance to try to get all the custom changes I’m making to the rules in one spot.

Feel free to post your characters here so they can be accessed easily, as well as anything that’s happened in game. I’ll go through and make any adjustments that are necessary to everything but characters.

For anyone that just found this site, this game is based loosely on the players real life stats as of a given date. My game world is the real world after it has been pulled through a break in space/time to a place where the rules of different universes all meet.

Right now the game is mostly story based, which is a nice way to say that we have some basic ideas for rules (a mix of the d20 rule-sets) but nothing is concrete.

My hope is that as we start to centralize the place that these rules are written we will be able to create a coherent rule-set.


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